Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a refund from SARS?
  1. It usually depends on the amount that is refunded and the taxpayer's calculation e.g. If the taxpayer is a commission earner and have a lot of expenses that they claimed SARS will investigate and make sure it is correct.
  2. If SARS is satisfied with the return and do not have any questions the payment takes between 3 to 12 days.
  3. If SARS require supporting documentation it usually takes a longer period for the refund to be authorized.
If there is an error on my assessment what is the process to correct it and how long does it take SARS to issue a new assessment?
  1. If there is an error on assessment for a company or trust, we complete an ADR (ADR) and submit it to SARS. SARS will notify us that they received the ADR and SARS will send a letter with the result of the ADR. Thereafter SARS will send an advised assessment. It usually takes up to a month for the new assessment to be issued.
  2. If there is an error on assessment for an individual it's the same process as mentioned above but instead of an ADR we complete a Notice of Objection (NOO). It usually takes up to a month for a new assessment to be issued.
How can I pay my assessment from SARS
SARS branches will no longer receive cash or cheque payments and the following channels can be used to make payment to SARS:
  • i. SARS efiling
  • ii. Electronically using the Internet
  • iii. At an ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank branch.
If you would like us to lodge a payment through SARS efiling, contact us before the payment due date and provide us with banking details. We will lodge it on your behalf and there after we will send you a copy of the proof of payment.

How long do I have to keep any supporting documentation in regards to a relevant tax year
All relevant supporting documentation should be kept for at least 5 years as SARS can reassess you and then you will have to support everything as it was declared on the return for the relevant tax year.

What is provisional tax and who qualify for provisional tax?
Provisional tax is prepayment of tax at least twice a year at end August and February. E.g. The provisional tax payment done in August 2011 and February 2012 will be for the 2012 Tax year (1 Mar 2011 – 28 Feb 2012). The aim is to limit the tax liability at the end of the year for the taxpayer. A third payment is available seven months after year end if the taxpayer's yearend is on February every year, otherwise it is six months after year end.

Companies and trusts automatically qualify for provisional tax as well as any individual that was informed by SARS that they need to pay provisional tax. An Individual that receives the following income will also be liable for provisional tax:
  • i. Any income received not in the form of a salary.
  • ii. Any passive income e.g. rental or interest over R 20 000
Thus any taxpayer that receives income as a salary is not required to pay provisional tax.

Does getting a BBBEE rating means I have to give away 50.1% of my business?
Any business with a turnover of LESS than R35 million per annum does not need to be measured on black ownership. You have the choice to be measured on your STRENGTHS.

Will BBBEE ever affect me?
Proposed amendments to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act will make it compulsory to have a BEE certificate if you want to do business with government (this means any municipalities, government departments, public enterprises, government schools, hospitals etc.). Bigger companies supplying to government will need other companies BEE certificates for their BBBEE rating.

What will happen if I use a non-accredited BEE verification agency?
The deadline for non-accredited rating agencies to issue certificates expires on 1 February 2010. Thereafter only certificates issued by accredited rating agencies or agencies that have a valid pre-assessment letter from SANAS will be valid. This is important for all companies obtaining QSE and Generic ratings.

Why worry to get a BEE certificate when I'm an EME?
This is a simple why of supplying all you customers with proof of your BEE status and also makes it easier to apply for tenders with the government or other entities.

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